Ken Copeland Family Dentistry is proud to be an Invisalign Teen provider and Invisalign in Harrisonburg VA. We recommend this clear alternative to braces, because it is cost-efficient, comfortable, and provides all of the results that you can get with braces without sacrificing your confidence or appearance.

Before starting any treatment, we will schedule a consultation appointment to discuss the process and answer any additional questions. We will map out a detailed treatment plan with your goals in mind. What’s exciting about Invisalign’s technology is that we are able to take impressions and molds of your teeth and then show you a virtual representation of how your teeth will move during treatment.

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Invisalign Teen

You shouldn’t have to live with a mouthful of brackets and wires to have a straight and healthy smile. Braces are uncomfortable, ugly, and a pain to manage. Invisalign Teen straightens your teeth without interfering with your active lifestyle.

Invisalign is for Adults too!

As an adult, you need to feel confident that you look your best. Invisalign allows you to feel that way throughout the entire treatment process. Even though the results would be the same with either process, you’re just not comfortable with the thought of looking like you’re back in junior high! Adults need a subtle remedy, and Invisalign aligners provide the best of both worlds — virtually invisible when you’re wearing them, and removable when you need them to be. For these reasons, Invisalign could be the perfect solution for you.

Invisalign in Harrisonburg VA!

Discover the transformative power of Invisalign in Harrisonburg, VA, with Ken Copeland Family Dentistry. Our virtually invisible aligners offer a discreet way to achieve a beautifully aligned smile without the need for traditional braces. Experience the freedom of removable aligners while you work towards your dream smile.

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